View Full Version : New Xerox 550 color problems

10-08-2012, 01:23 PM
Hello friends,
I changed a Xerox Xerox 242 for the new 550 and I have a big problem.
Both were with embedded fiery.
I installed all sp from the Xerox website.
The colors that drew me well dc242 out a bit different now as more matte and not meet my needs.
As I can change or calibrate that look more colors to dc242?
From the Command WorkStation touching the output profile?
We have got used to the colors of dc 242 and now do not know how to match the colors of some new xerox 550. **

I need help.
Thank you very much to everyone in advance everyone.:confused:

11-29-2012, 01:57 AM
hi there

You shouldn't need to fiddle with the output profile. Have you got a screenshot of the workflow in CWS you could attach?

Where are you based in the world? Do you use Fogra standards? If so, are you using Fogra 39 as your CMYK simulation profile? What paper are you using? 100gsm?

If you are using heavy paper and the standard profiles are not good for you, you will need to create an output profile for the specific paper type. etc.