View Full Version : SMB sharing keeps dropping off - Restart of Fiery rectifies issue

08-07-2012, 08:04 AM
Hi all

This is an issue that has been bugging me for ages. Basically a lot of MFD's we support (Canon/Xerox) with Fierys in front of them seem to have an SMB issue of some sort.

You are able to print to the fiery and MFD but you cannot scan. A reboot of the rip fixes this issue as if it is refreshing a service of some sort. Has anyone come across this before? If so what is it in the MS OS that is causing this? How does one go about fixing it as well?

Many thanks


Anders Juul Jensen
08-22-2012, 04:56 AM

I've had this problem on a Xerox DCP700i w/EFI DFE Integrated ...
we had to restart the DFE to fix this.

What we noticed was that the IOT (Xerox engine) actually reported an error which basiaclly meant "FTP communication error".

Finally after some convincing Xerox technicians came online at customer and reinstalled the DFE completely and I installed all patches in correct order. (EFI Update).
So far I haven't rebooted the DFE once ...
Hope this help you out abit...

Now instead we just have alot of issues scanning to a MAC-server via SMB.
you don't happen to have any input on this do you?

08-23-2012, 02:05 AM
Cheers for the response. Yeah we have tried what you've done but to no avail unfortunately. Hope yours works out for you.

As far as your question is concerned with Mac shares, what version of Mac server are we talking about here. SMB has moved on leaps and bounds with each updated version of OSX server. We had a lot of problems with SMB on Mac servers due to the incompetance of some IT bods not understanding how to configure Mac servers correctly. Make sure SMB service is running on the server. Rekick the service, does this change anything? Get them to reinstall the service etc. Permissions issues? Again some IT peeps don't know how to set permissions correctly on a Mac etc.

Also disable netbios over tcp/ip in the advanced settings of the network card under WINS. This will use port 445 instead of 139. Not included as a default in SP2. Not sure why EFi did not include SP3 in their updates but there you go....

Hope that helps a little. Google has a lot of info on SMB sharing on Macs.