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07-27-2012, 04:25 AM
am interested to know the detailed steps to be followed in order to achieve
color matching between image press 6010 connected to fiery and offset press .


07-27-2012, 05:23 AM

That's a very large topic that has many components unrelated to the Fiery controller.

What are your specific Fiery concerns?

07-27-2012, 07:32 AM
am interested in the components that are not related to fiery Rip:)
ex: fiery color profiler suite and all other that serves my goal


07-27-2012, 11:11 AM
Essentially you need two ICC profiles to achieve this match. One for "source" which tells the color management system what you want to colors on the imagepress to match. So this needs set to the profile which represents your offset press. Some customers use a standard like ISO v.2 or GRACoL if they can really print to it. Others make a custom profile for their press/paper/halftone/run speed but this is more complicated.

The best way to pick this profile is to look at the source profile your proofing system and if you are able to print to match the inkjet proofs then use that same profile as the source CMYK profile on the Fiery.

The second ICC profile you need is the output profile for the imagepress. To get the best match this needs created custom with Color Profiler Suite.

Start with your standard setup procedures for imagepress including gradation adjustment and shading correction. Perform these steps in the order specified by Canon.

Now Calibrate the imagepress on plain paper from the Fiery.

Use CPS 3.1 Printer Profiler and tell it "I want to start from the beginning". At the step where it offers to Use Current or Optimize Calibration choose Optimize. Pick your patch set (at least 928 patches) and paper size (A3 or Tabloid is better as you get more patches per page and therefore less variation page to page in the measurements). Make note of the print settings you use since settings for media type and halftone screen will be specific to get this profile to work every time.

Once you have created the profile set up a test job to use it as the output profile and pick the input profile you identified above. Now right-click on this job in Command Workstation and use the Color Verify option to test the colors. There will be 5 tests run, you only really care about the CMYK ones and the last 2 that confirm the print engine and spectrophotometer are working correctly.

When you see the report of the delta E's you are getting for the actual CMYK match these can be set in the Color Verifier preferences so that every time you verify (which is recommended daily) if you pass you keep running and if you fail you know you need to re-calibrate or someday re-profile if the imagepress has changed that much.

Some users choose to make a device link profile using the two profiles mentioned here and color profiler suite Device Linker since that makes an optimized device link that can be re-optimized later right on the Fiery and is very easy for any operator. Thats too much to cover here but if you have CPS 3.1 it included 2 free e-learning courses that would cover what I have described here as well as device linker.

07-31-2012, 11:14 PM
hi lou

thanks for your email.

on image press 6010 i created a paper icc profile for 300 gsm coated media and imported it into output section of color section of fiery.
after printing the fogra media wedge on this particular media and measuring it ,it was successfully verified that the result was intolerance of fogra39 standard.
i used i1 process control software for profiling and verification.

so my question is:
what is better calibrating the offset to hit fogra and keep my setup as is ?
or calibrate offset to hit fogra then create an offset icc profile and add it as source in fiery color section?