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04-19-2012, 11:47 AM
i have an EX560 connected to a Xerox560 printer. The fiery is at 1.0 SP1 all patches installed.
The orignal file is created in CS5.1. I initially tried using the print driver from Illustrator. I then saved the original as a PDF and submitted it via hot folder and imported via USB using the APPE. All attempts result in the same undesirable printed output.
I have verified that the issue is with the Fiery by submitting the pdf to the Xerox web page a.k.a centerware services. The pdf then prints correctly.

04-19-2012, 03:26 PM
Hi Matt,

A few things - the DC560 comes with its own Green controller - which normally has a PCL ROM - can you confirm that your 560 has a PS ROM ?

If it hasn't then submitting the same pdf via the fiery a PS RIP & via the Green Controller ( through Xerox Centreware ) a PCL RIP you cannot compare the two - Apples & Pears..

I then saved the original as a PDF and submitted it via hot folder and imported via USB using the APPE

Not sure what your explaining here ? hotfolder to USB ?? - if you RIP the PDF with APPE, have you tried using CPSI ?? also did the RIP actually use the APPE engine ? you'll need to look at the job log for that & in the column settings add - I think RIP ( or similar ). Just because you select APPE as a RIP does not necessarily mean that the Fiery will accomodate you - it is "Dynamic Technology" & so sometimes reverts back to "good old - tried & tested" CPSI

04-20-2012, 06:22 AM
Thanks for the input Thistlgrom.
I have checked that the APPE was used to process the pdf. also to clarify i used a usb to import the pdf into the hold q and then used APPE. I also sent the pdf via hot folder set up to use APPE be default. I have attched the job log.
I have brought the file to another customer site that uses a Xerox FreeFlow print server. The file printed correctly. It printed fine using the print driver from the Ai application as well as using the APPE on the FreeFlow