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Bryan Dillon
03-26-2012, 12:48 PM
Why is it that the Pantone (2nd edition) in CW5 do not match the Pantones in Adobe CS5?
Example: PMS 401U
Pantone (2nd edition): c-23.5, m-22.5, y-27, k-0
Pantone (InDesign CS5) c-0, m-5, y-11, k-23

How do I explain this to my customers when there is no Pantone (2nd edition) that they can import into Indesign CS5 to match the output of CW5. I did see a new Pantone + available.

Thank You

03-26-2012, 01:07 PM
I've noticed that the CMYK breakdown of spot colors differs from Fiery to Fiery and typically has nothing at all to do with the Pantone-prescribed CMYK breakdown.

And I'm fine with this.

The Pantone-prescribed breakdown is for offset presses running process inks with traditional screening (I'll note here that the difference between the Pantone Solid-to-Process and Pantone Colorbridge books has always bothered me). The result is a close-enough match using standard pigments found in every pressroom worldwide.

The Fiery breakdown in Spot On is intended to be more like pseudo spot-colors. Those colors don't get hit by your output profile and, as I understand it, are tuned to be the best match for the toner on your specific device. CMYK toner does not always match the equivalent process inks (you'll notice that if you color-manage your CMYKs, that the primaries are not always pure) so letting Fiery determine the best match is usually the safest bet.