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03-26-2012, 09:50 AM
I am confused by the differences in CWS4 and 5 and where the Colorwise Tools are in 5. Here is my story.

I purchased a Canon C6000 in 11/09, in February of 2010 Xrite came in and gave us training on a Color Management Workflow. We created ICC profiles on the CWS4 using Colorwise Tools and I have the instructions for creating new profiles when needed. Now comes the horror story.

Somehow our IT department screwed up my controller and we had to completely reinstall CWS. The service technician from Canon installed the CWS5 version. That's all well and good and then because of the buyout of Wausau by Neekosa I nad to change my paper to Mohawk. That's fine, I thought I could make an ICC profile for the Mohawk and move right on with my life...wrong...to make a long story short. I've scoured the efi sight only to find that you now have a Color Profiler Suite. I have the following questions.

1. Do I need to purchase the Color Profiler suite?
Where can I get great instructions on how to use it?
2. Who do I buy it from?
3. Does my i1 Pro work as well as the ES1000?
4. Have you changed the standard to GRACol?
5. What happened to US Web Coated SWOP?
6. Does my i1 Process Controller still work with the Color Profiler...or do i even need it?
7. What if I reinstall CWS4 and I go back to the old way? Pros and Cons

Any assistance on these questions would be very helpful.

03-27-2012, 05:00 PM
Hi ncampbell,

I1 Process Control is an app to built ICC Profiles, and you should use it.
To manage your ICC profiles and create/edit spot colors in CWS5, go to:
CWS5>Device Center Tab>Resources>spot colors
CWS5>Device Center Tab>Resources>profiles

You are allowed to use CWS4 and CWS5. Just uninstall CWS5, install CWS4 and then, install CWS5 again.

(Use Fiery web tools to download CWS4)

For more details, contact your Canon dealer.


04-04-2012, 08:38 AM
I love your statement just contact your dealer. Guess what, I know more than they do! I would like an explanation of what Color Profile Suite is. My other issue is: I've gone to Device Center, Resources, Spot Color, and it doesn't list the same type of SWOP settings that X-rite set me up with. What do I do now?

04-04-2012, 12:20 PM

While you will likely get a number of your questions answered on the forum, I wanted to alert you to the fact that Fiery offers a number of e-learning courses on Fiery color management, Fiery ColorProfiler Suite, etc... A list of the courses can be found here:


You can click on any of the courses to watch a sample of the course, but there is a small fee to access the complete course.

Good luck,


04-04-2012, 01:12 PM
$50 for each course?!

04-05-2012, 03:17 AM
Hi ncampbell,

many of the questions can be answered by reading through various of the KnowledgeGuides EFI does provide on this topic. You can find them here http://w3.efi.com/Fiery/Products/CPS/How%20To/Guides

You might have to accept an EULA up front - but that's just a click.

BUT some of the questions you ask imply that you will need some serious training on Fiery's color management approach plus the the tools required to get the best out of the machine. There is nothing like THE right way to do it.

ColorwiseTools are able to linearize a printer you will always need another tool to profile the printer. EFI's ColorProfilerSuite is an elegant tool but many, many others will lead to the same (may be even better) results - but (honestly) CPS is simply the one that is very, very best integrated with Fiery workflows.

Common standards, are either found on the Fiery or can easily be added and/or applied on the maschine/workflow.

My suggestion - talk to your dealer on possible trainings available for you.

And yes - this will cost mone - but the better print results plus the fact that you purchase know how that you can use again and again should be worth the money spent...