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03-16-2012, 06:29 AM
Right, this will take a minute, but PLEASE read on...

Okay, I have a customer who uses a KM Bizhub Pro C6501, Pro80 System9 v3.0, with Acrobat Standard v8.0 and PitStop Pro v7.2.

They have Adobe Photoshop CS2 installed on the same machine as Acrobat 8

When they preview a job, then right click the preview to 'edit page', the job opens in Acrobat Standard v8.0.

The customer then selects the PitStop 'Select Objects' tool (purple arrow), which launches PitStop and allows them to highlight individual parts of said job.

THEN, they want to right click the selected item/box/graphic etc. to choose an option that allows them to open the document in Photoshop, so they can edit at their leisure.

But, alas, they cannot. Now, I suppose my questions are:

Can this be done? (I'm sure I have seen this before, but I'm thinking there was NO PitStop involvement and that Photoshop was CS5 and Acrobat was a Professional version!?).

If it CAN be done, do I need to alter a setting to integrate the Photoshop option into the shell/menu options of other apps (Acrobat Pro)??

I hope that made sense!?

Many thanks
Clever Trevor!