View Full Version : Enabling debug mode to save JDF job tickets and JMF messages sent to Fiery controller

03-13-2012, 04:14 AM
When setting up a new integrated workflow, it can sometimes be helpful to capture JMF messages and JDF job tickets submitted to a Fiery controller to help troubleshoot networking and other issues.

To enable debug mode on the Fiery controller’s Fiery JDF module:

1. Add these five lines to E:\EFI\server\system\configuration.txt and save the file:

DebugLevel =1
LogFileFolder= E:\\EFI\\server\\system\\

2. Restart the Fiery CSI Atom service in the services control panel or with these commands in a DOS window:

NET STOP "Fiery CSI Atom"
NET START "Fiery CSI Atom"

This will start writing:

Trace logs to the file E:\EFI\server\system\fierycsiatom.log
JDF and JMF files to E:\EFI\server\spool\csiatom\cache\

If you send a JDF and the job does not show up in CWS, look in the folder E:\EFI\server\spool\csiatom\cache\ If all works well, the file E:\EFI\server\spool\csiatom\cache\latest_jmf.xml will have been overwritten and you can open it in a text editor. Check to make sure the Fiery controller can access the JDF referenced in the FileSpec attribute.