View Full Version : Fiery Pro80 as Xerox EX260 controlling the fan speed inside the fiery

11-06-2011, 12:53 PM
Hello to everyone.

Maybe someone can help me and give me some advice for our new fiery external rip.
We got it new and for our ears it makes hell of a noise.
The 2 fans inside the fiery are extremely loud. Is this normal?
If i startup the system, the bios menu said, that the fan speed for fan1 ist 1500 rpm and fan 3 ist 2850 rpm.
Can i chance that, so that the fans run slower and don`t make so much noise.
The temperature ist for fan1 40 C and inside it ist for fan 3 30 C direct after startup.

The automatic fan control ist enabled an the fan speed is 30%.

Is the noise and the fan speed normal or is something damaged or anything else?

The Fiery is a Pro80 Rip as an EX260 for a Xerox 252.

Thanks for any help.

11-17-2011, 05:49 AM
Hi there

Fan speed is generally controlled by the bios. To my knowledge this is not something that the general public has access to.

The fans making a noise is usually down to vibration (going on previous exp of building PC's). Sometimes the bearings go in them as well. Not sure if you can replace them (if they are standard fans you can replace them).



11-21-2011, 09:09 AM
Hello djzoll,

thanks for your answer.
I think that there is nothing to change in the bios so i wont touch the bios.
Maybe i am going to exchange the loud case fanwith a silent one.
You are right, that the fan is giving lots of vibrations to the case and its also noisy.

Maybe s.o. from EFI can tell me if its allowed to change the fans and if its also allowed to put another one at the back of the case.

In our Pro80 there is a fan at the front an an a hole with no fan on the back.
I also just want to change the case fans not the processor fan.
I think this one is not so loud.

There are 2 more connectors with no fan on it. Can i use them or are there any problems with them so that i have one fan in the front which brings in the air and one fan on the back which brings it out again so that there is an air flow through the case.

thanks for your help