View Full Version : Placement of ControlBar Center of Sheet

10-27-2011, 05:25 AM

i wonder how i can get a Controlbar in the center of my sheet. In digital print all OEM's are very anal about placing controlbars in the sides of sheets. HAHA must have something to do with tyhe fact that they only guarantee print quality on a small strip in the middle of youre sheet.

Anyway how can i make my fiery using the controlbar option print this controlbar on the center of my sheet. I can only change the location of the EFI text box not the controlbar position.

Further more Wouldnt it be nice to have a fiery function that prints every x numbers of sheets with youre custom controlbar so you can measure consistency?


11-03-2011, 11:52 AM
here are the steps to use a custom bar and put it anywhere on the page:

1. Make sure the "System Page Size" field is checked for the default control bar in CommandWorkStation > Color Setup > Control Bar.
2. Do a test print of the document you wish was stamped with the control bar in the center.
3. Create a new document using the exact same page size with your preferred EPS application. Position your preferred control bar anywhere in the page. You may even position it multiple times, with multiple orientations. Save the document as EPS.Note: you can place in this EPS document one of the ugra Fogra Media Wedges supplied on the Fiery User Software DVD. If you do, you must "place", not "open" the Fogra EPS because those supplied under license by EFI can only be ripped by a Fiery.
4. With CommandWorkStation > Color Setup > Control Bar, create a new custom control bar for the "System Page Size" reported in step 2. Load your custom EPS file.

From now on, every document of that size will print using your custom control bar.