View Full Version : Text Deletions Printing From InDesign to Splash

08-10-2011, 03:25 PM
Hello, long time reader first time poster! We're a digital printshop in Western Canada that runs Splash 3.1.3/Controller 1.5 which prints to our Xerox 700. I have to say I am very pleased with the combination overall. We have lately (last 4months) had some serious problems with certain .pdfs and deletions of text. I can't figure out if the problem lies with how the designers setup their files or if its a Splash issue. When I drop a .pdf onto an InDesign canvas the file initially looks perfect, the problem is somewhere between InDesign and Splash, when I process and hold in Splash I can see in the preview that the problem text is missing. The text that is deleted is never following any pattern, sometimes it's a part of a logo, sometimes its a 24pt header, super random. I have downloaded all current patches, I am really hoping someone can help me.

08-23-2011, 09:19 AM
i didn't get your question actually, can you please explain a Lil bit more briefly.

08-26-2011, 04:26 AM
What happens if you import the PDF directly into the Splash rather than placing it in InDesign and printing it?