View Full Version : D-max values in Fiery ICC profiles, which density standard?

07-04-2011, 11:43 AM
In Fiery Print Server are installed output profiles for print engine, for example: Fiery C65hc-KM Coated, Fiery C65hc-KM Uncoated ...

On what conditions respectively densitometric standards these D-max values are defined: spectrodensitometer or densitometer, UV-cut filter or not, Absolute white or Paper White, Status A, E, T ...?

07-20-2011, 01:15 AM
Hi there

Your post is very difficult to understand as your wording is not brilliant but I can try and help with some of the stuff asked.

Basically it does not matter whether you use a UV cut I1 or not as this does not affect density of the colour but more the colour data. To my knowledge you are linearising the queue, therefore use either as this will not affect the readings either way.
I would imagine they use a Spectrophotometer to create the output profiles. As far as the status is concerned are you talking about the I1 status or?



08-15-2011, 11:55 AM
Paul, many thanks for response.

My question was perhaps a little confusing, so now I try to clarify additional.
Yes, in density measurement is irrelevant whether an instrument is a UV or UV-cut.

I just wanted to know what Status density were for one has Efi set as D-max values ​​in default output profile - if that is not a secret...
In comparisation is status density very important, we know that is various, for example: A, T, E, etc.

Here background of my question:
- I measure actual printed (direct from KM-C65hc engine without Efi Fiery) solid cyan (100% patch) as 0.95 with Status T density, the same as 1.15 with Status A density and as 1.07 with Status E density. I get these values ​​with i1 and MeasureTool from ProfileMaker.
- CWS Calibrator actual measuring with ES1000 and/or DTP41 give me Cyan D-max 0.95. This could be Status T density, right?
- Color editor in CWS show me for targeted default output profile Fiery C65hc-KM Coated v1F.icc the Cyan D-max 1.15. On what status density should I understand this value?

Why this big differences in Cyan D-max between actual measured patch (CWS Calibrator) and targeted patch from default output profile (CWS Color Editor)?

Our KM-service technician say, Cyan color can't more adjusting higher.
Are Efi default output C65hc-profiles partially (in Cyan area) useless for C65hc-machine or C65hc-machine deliver too low saturated HighChroma cyan?

Thank you for useful info,