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03-04-2011, 03:23 PM
I did a search really didn't find anything pertaining to my specific question.

Let me start with my goal on this project. I have job I need to set up that uses 2 different pieces of paper per mail piece. Same type of paper, and same size, but different preprint. The preprint is 2-Sided gloss preprinted, and made from recycled paper.

I am working with Printsoft PReS IDE for my postscript compiler, and a Canon ImagePress 1125 with a J200 Fiery RIP server on it. We use Command Workstation 4 (hereafter: CSW4), because that was the version I downloaded from the server itself via the webtool.

I, along with Printsoft Tech support and Canon Software Tech Support, have have been trying to figure out how to get tray calls set up correctly.

Over the course of about 2 months, we finally got it to call trays, but only via calling the tray by number (ie calling trays 3 and 4 ---numbers are different via the Fiery PPD, but they are trays 3 and 4 according to what is on front of the printer).

Unfortunately this is only a workaround to get the project done. I have a couple of problems with this workaround though:
1) First of all, before hitting the "Print" button on CSW4, I have to open the trays on the printer, otherwise it will pull out of tray 4 for the whole file. I need to figure this out, because if the production staff does not pay attention, they could easily end up running the whole job from tray 4.
2) When either tray runs out of paper, it won't switch to another tray because the Postscript code is telling the Fiery, which in turn is telling the printer to use only trays 3 and 4.

I need to find a way to call the trays via Custom paper profile/type, rather then via tray # for maximum efficiency and QC/QA (considering the total impression count is around 900,000 impressions [going to be 225,000 2-paged, duplex mailed pieces] )

I understand I cannot call trays via custom papers on the Fiery, was told this by canon tech support, but I need to use a custom Page profile I set up on my printer because there are printer specific settings I made on the paper profile to lower the speed of the printer slightly and adjust voltage settings slightly, for fastest printer speed while fusing the toner to the page.

my tray call Postscript code I am using currently to call trays via tray #:

%%PageMedia: tray6
%%PageOrientation: Portrait
userdict /XJXEFIsetpageproperties known
{ << /XJXsettrayselV2 [ 23 ] >> XJXEFIsetpageproperties }
{ /XJXsettrayselV2 where
{ pop 23 XJXsettrayselV2 } if
} ifelse%%BeginFeature: *PageSize
<< /PageSize [792 1224] /MediaType (tray6) >> setpagedevice

%%PageMedia: tray7
%%PageOrientation: Portrait
userdict /XJXEFIsetpageproperties known
{ << /XJXsettrayselV2 [ 26 ] >> XJXEFIsetpageproperties }
{ /XJXsettrayselV2 where
{ pop 26 XJXsettrayselV2 } if
} ifelse
%%BeginFeature: *PageSize
<< /PageSize [792 1224] /MediaType (tray7) >> setpagedevice

the media name and type I have set up would be
names: page1 and page2
size: Ledger (11x17)
type: plain
weight: 120 gsm
color: white

Short version of the question:
How do I get the fiery to get my printer to call trays by specific custom paper on my printers Paper Library/Catelog?

03-23-2011, 10:32 AM
So far, not much help from Canon Support.

They apparently can send a file to their printer, then reprint it right away from the “printed jobs” window and still it calls trays correctly.

They emailed me their Fiery Configuration print-out report, and other than Fiery Server version (their’s being 1.21 and ours being 1.01) , nothing really relative to the tray call issue was different.

I am setting up a phone call with them to compare and contrast the printer settings directly, to see if it is the printer and not fiery (if the printer UI settings are different then it would definitely be a Canon Issue and not a Fiery issue)

I still need a better postscript coding solution that works for the Fiery based on custom media types (not sizes) instead of calling trays via tray number, though.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

03-25-2011, 06:35 AM
On the J200 one should be able to interpret so-called SPD commands with some setup which is described in a white paper. Send me a private message so that I can send you the necessary documentation.

04-12-2011, 08:19 PM
If your Fiery supports Virtual Printers, then you could setup a Virtual Printer with Mixed Media, set to pull Page 1 from Tray 3, and Page 2 from Tray 4 (or whatever you want).

Then lock the mixed media setting with the little lock symbol. Now try printing your job to this Virtual printer.

Msg me if you need more detailed instructions.