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02-23-2011, 09:10 AM
Good Morning: Good Afternoon: Good Evening: whatever time zone you might be! Thank you for having me!

l've works with fiery products for 15yrs now specially Canon Colorpass:

l have 2 questions:

#1 Can anyone help me with Colorpass GX300 suddenly went blank, no display and 3 or 4 beep when l power it on!

#2 Is there a training school to learn how to repair fiery products?

Thank You Guy's

02-23-2011, 10:27 AM
First, as a disclaimer ---- I would not encourage a non-Canon-Authorized tech to open the GX300 and attempt to service it.

If you do open the GX300 and attempt to access any internal components, you could be doing so at your own risk.

When you say "Suddenly went blank" - If you mean that the monitor is blank, first - try a different monitor and try a different SVGA cable.

If after trying different cable and monitor you still have a blank display, you probably have bad video interface. Since the video is on motherboard for GX300, that would need to be replaced by a Canon authorized dealer.

If you mean the LCD UI on the GX300 itself went blank, you would need a Canon Authorized dealer to make repairs.

Realistically, since that is a Canon-Branded product, you would do best to have a Canon authorized dealer diagnose and repair it as they would be able to order necessary parts.

There are no Fiery Generic Hardware Repair training classes that I'm aware of. However, I think some Canon regional companies may offer training of some sort for the Canon Authorized Dealer techs.

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