View Full Version : matching denisty output by Canon 1r110 with a 4127 and EX4127

Rob Morris
02-01-2011, 06:46 AM
Any idea if the density of the mark can be controlled on a user level for printing specific jobs? Incumbent, Canon allows the Image runner 110 to print at a 1.3 density when they are doing these ballots they print….It is an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) requirement that the marks be that density…..Our 4127 typically prints at 1.7 density I've been told. It can be changed by the technician to print lighter but then the 4127 prints everything at that density (No good)…They would like to have the density controlled, on an as needed basis when they run the ballots…

I think, thru the EFI controller, there may be an OMR setting for changing density….Does any one have anything on that they could share?

02-07-2011, 11:07 PM
I haven't seen a black and white controller close up, but on a colour unit you'd edit the output profile to drop the black density and use that profile for those specific jobs.
Perhaps the black and white has a similar option?

02-08-2011, 07:00 PM
Hi Rob,

Not sure I completely follow your post - are you saying that the OMR marks need to be printed @ density (?) 1.3 i.e the 4127 is printing them @ 1.7 & this is to dark ?

Also you need to consider the IR110 is I believe a 600x600 dpi printer whereas the DC4127 is a 1200x1200 so there will be a difference - where Steve L was alluding to with the "colour profile" unfortunately will not help on a b/w RIP. Normally you would adjust the stroke thickness or dot size to obtain the output you was looking for - historically old War Horses like the Kodak Digimasters had a huge dot size as standard so normal text etc looked as though it was on bold all the time - when DT135 then Docutech etc got more refined ROS's the dot size decreased & the output became more refined so your greyscales became more marked & printing photos was more precise but you lost the "old punch" of the larger dot size.

If the "density" of your OMR marks is that critical but you still want your text to be printed at normal density - then why not produce a blank document with just the OMR marks & adj the lightness settings in the print driver until to reach the desired level & then print as background form ?

You can then then set up a virtual printer in CWS 5 that has the OMR / background form set as an override & print away.. you can also point to it from an lpr queue & indeed from a hotfolder depending on your workflow setup..

Just a thought..