View Full Version : Fiery E-7100: Scans Fail to Reach Destination

01-24-2011, 04:14 PM
I have a (unnamed) customer with a Ricoh C6000 with a Fiery E-7100 controller. The customer reports that occasionally scans don't reach their destinations (whether to folder or to e-mail). They power-cycle the engine and the Fiery and things are temporarily back to normal, but later on the problem re-occurs. (I do not have a report on error codes or other symptoms when the problem occurs. Sounds like the e-mail is never received, and the file is never found in the destination folder.)

Based on a similar prior experience, a service technician said the issue happens because the customer uses Cisco routers on their LAN. He then installed a network switch between the Fiery and wall port, saying that the switch would announce its presence on the network more persistently than the Fiery would. We were to keep an eye on the situation going forward.

In a matter of days, the problem has re-occurred again, even with the switch installed.

Sales is looking at swapping out the Fiery controller for the Ricoh controller, to avoid (instead of fix) the issue. I fear that additional placements of Fiery controllers at this account are in jeopardy if we don't figure this out.

Are you aware of any similar situations and how they were resolved? Can you recommend any troubleshooting maneuvers (perhaps, to disable all unused network protocols) that would move us towards a solution?


01-25-2011, 09:47 AM
A number of possibilities here.

First, with scan to folder, please make sure patch 1-170UR8 is installed since it addresses issues with scan to SMB.

Regarding scan to email, since there is more communication in the email protocol, we can troubleshoot more. Key questions:
1. What does the email log say?
2. Does the scan show up in CWS?
3. What's the email environment at the site and how is Fiery configured?
4. Is patch 1-14XHY3 installed? That patch allows for additional email configuration options required by Exchange 2007.