View Full Version : Splash 3.1.3 and screen banding distortion

11-18-2010, 11:50 AM
I had a continued problems with a strange banding issue when printing through splash 3.13 on my Xerox 700.

I exclusively print fine art paintings and prints on my Xerox 700 and often get a very specific error in the screening when printing a certain type of artwork.

I see distorted banding every 57mm that are 5mm thick, running across the sheet. It looks like the bands are a finer screen dot and slightly smeared. I've tried re-installing the entire Splash program, I've sent test files to the Canadian Xerox test team, but no resolution. Only when I print through Splash do I see the problem. Even before I print, I see the problem when I zoom into the preview in Tweak or Tuner in splash. The problem is happening between printing from Indesign, PDF or dropping PDF directly into splash.

When I print through Command Work Station, the banding issue disappears, but I loose my colour tweaking options, which is a huge issue for fine tuning huge amounts of detailed and colour critical print jobs.

I've attached a screen grab of the banding to see what I'm previewing and printing.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

11-19-2010, 02:03 PM
We'd like to look at the spool file for this job.

Put the job in the hold queue then drag it to the desktop to get the spool file. Please ZIP this file then send me a private email to get our FTP info or post it to another FTP and let us know where to find it.