View Full Version : "Document Size" is grayed out in Fiery PRO80 / Bizhub C8000

11-09-2010, 04:13 AM
Cannot be changed from Paper Tab from printer properties. This driver will take custom and/or standard paper sizes from Adobe Acrobat. From Illustrator CS5 no custom sizes are available. From Photoshop CS5 and CDraw X5 only a standard size ( available PPD sizes ) which should be selected as predetermined size from Printer Preferences inside the driver. This is unconfortable to the user and hardly complaints about these limitations. He recently jumped from a bh C6501/ IC-408 in which these feature and "orientation" also where changeable from inside printer properties from within all applications.
Is there a patch release under study or a new driver version that will solve these limitations ?

Thank you.


EFI Fiery PRO80 / System 9 / version: 1.0
Patches: 1-17FSK3 ( came with system ) - no other updates were available up to 11/03/2010

PCs under XP (32bits)
Driver IC-306 PS Driver ( IC-306 80C-KM V1.0 )

bizhub PRESS C8000
F/W version information:
Image control I1 A1RF0Y0-00I1-G00-10
Image control I2 A1RF0Y0-00I2-G00-10
Image control I3 A1RF021-00I3-G00-10
Image control I4 A1RF0Y0-00I4-G00-10
Image control I5 A1RF0Y0-00I5-G00-10
Tonic T A1RF0Y0-00T1-G00-10
Printer control C A1RF0Y0-00C1-G00-10
Multi folder H
H-Fold/Stapler B
Stapler N1 A0GY0Y0-00N1-G00-31
Stapler N2
Stacker S1
Stacker S2
RU R1 A1TT0Y0-00R1-G00-12
ADF F A1TW0Y0-00F1-G00-10

11-16-2010, 02:05 PM
FYI. For the IC-306 connecting to a C8000, there is a v1.1 version available from KM now.

As for the driver settings you are asking about, EFI plans to release an updated driver that more closely matches behavior of recent KM Fiery controllers. The best ETA I can give at this time would be sometime in first quarter 2011

Robert Stafford
05-22-2011, 09:26 PM
Please restore "Same as document size" for Document Size as well as Paper Size that was previously available in earlier Fiery Print Driver's.
When printing from other applications you are now required to set up a Custom Page Size instead of it loading as it does if you import a PDF to CWS.
This extra step is frustrating users.
Also this situation usually happens from Office applications where the skills to manage this are less common.