View Full Version : EX12 RIP v2.0 problems

10-19-2010, 02:45 AM
Hi I've got a EX12 (with version 2.0 software on it) used to control a DC12, and the EX12 has had some sort of failure and requires re-installation. Xerox are being incredibly slow and being able to sort them out for me, and i really need to be able to get our printer back up and running ASAP - its been 5 weeks now!!!!

When we bought the machine with the rip we weren't provided with the installation CD's, and I've been unable to get hold of them, except by ordering them from xerox many weeks ago with an indefinite time scale of when they might arrive.

Can anyone help? Does anyone in the UK have the installation discs i could borrow, or purchase? Can EFI help directly? Does anyone have a backup that would be willing to restore my machine from?

I'm seriously at my whits end trying to get this sorted and any help would be greatly appreciated!


10-19-2010, 12:03 PM
Hi Wes,

If you are waiting for a "pukka" set of Ver 2.0 software - I think you will be in for an indefinite wait..

As you know Ver 2.0 is NT based & NT went EOL 31/12/2004.

When I used to fix EX12s (over 10 years ago) the engineers were able to carry their own set of software - but because of licencesing restrictions from Microsoft - all DFE's had to have their own set of software & we usually get customers to sign to say they have them - because Xerox has to order them from EFI. You wont get a set of NT disks now - so I would imagine your best bet is to go back to your Xerox Salesman & ask for a Ver 3.0 upgrade ( it is a Sales orderable kit - not via an engineer.. ) this was the migration when NT stopped. This will put XPe onto your EX12..

If memory serves there is a Bios update disk & one shot dongle + a new set of system software disks, COA label etc - can't remember if there is a memory upgrade as well.. It isn't cheap..

Best of luck..