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10-13-2010, 10:05 AM
I am brand new to Fiery and even more new to Mac OSX. I am trying to figure out how to go about adding our E-7100 Fiery Controller (which runs on our Ricoh MPC6000) on a group of Macs that we've just added to our windows server based network. I was able to add the printer but am not sure how to get the fiery feature to work within Mac OSX. Any help or feedback regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

10-13-2010, 11:09 AM
What version of MacOSX? If you're running 10.6, you'll need to get the 10.6 drivers from Ricoh. The E-7100 predates the release of 10.6 so the 10.6-compatible drivers don't come packaged with it.

You want the PPD installer listed under Mac10.6 here:

10-13-2010, 12:11 PM
What does the PPD installer do? I have the Ricoh set up as an IP printer with our IP address and the driver that came out of the Ricoh snow leopard package. I'm so unfamiliar with the Mac OSX. And yes it is 10.6 version.

10-14-2010, 06:04 PM
I'm confused now which driver you're using. "Ricoh snow leopard package" is not a way of distributing Fiery drivers that I'm aware of.

Are you talking about this package?

If so, those are drivers for Ricoh printers, not Fiery printers. You want the driver for the E-7100v1.1. The Aficio MPC6000 drivers on the Apple site are only for use with the Ricoh controller.

Fiery drivers are from the link I posted before. The PPD installer installs the driver you need to print from MacOSX 10.6.

10-14-2010, 06:06 PM
Also, it's totally understandable to be confused by the fact that Ricoh's drivers are distributed by Apple and EFI's drivers are distributed by Ricoh.

10-26-2010, 12:25 PM
I downloaded the PPD installer like you said, I installed it too ; and I'm still completely lost. My user runs Photoshop and there's supposed to be a way for her to import/export into the Fiery Scanner which is connected to the Ricoh that is networked through a Windows server. I'm not seeing that option or anything that tells me the E-7100 has been installed. This is so confusing :(

10-26-2010, 03:01 PM
I've just been pointing you toward the print drivers since no one mentioned scanning up to now.

Scanning is potentially complicated. From the download link I provided previously, you'll notice "Fiery Remote Scan" is available. That application is what you need to use to connect to Fiery scan.

Where it gets complicated is the importing into Photoshop. Fiery Remote Scan uses TWAIN plugins. Photoshop on Macintosh treats the TWAIN plugin as optional now. Please see the following link to Adobe's Knowledge Base about Photoshop and TWAIN for further information.

10-29-2010, 01:44 PM
Alright I will try those two things and let you know how I make out. Thanks so much for your insight on this. I no longer feel blind. :)

11-08-2010, 02:30 PM
The two files that I downloaded off the websites you suggested seem like they're corrupt. When I try and open the files it says they're not recognized. Any ideas?

11-08-2010, 06:20 PM
I don't expect EFI to be able to do much about a corrupt download from Ricoh or Adobe...

Macintosh downloads are typically DMG disk image files. Your Mac should mount the disk the same way it mounts any other removable media. If the disk image doesn't mount, then something either got corrupted or you tried opening the file before it finished downloading.

11-09-2010, 09:38 AM
I was actually able to get it to work after downloading from home. There may have been a network slack at some point within our work network. So I was able to get both the Command Station and the Remote Scan to work. Thanks so much for all of the help. This is a huge weight off my shoulders :D:D