View Full Version : Controller HD formatted. Any sources for original ISO image?

10-07-2010, 08:53 AM
Hello fellow EFI forum friends!

The company I work for happens to be located next to a business that exports used printers to Asia. After expressing my interest in a Xerox DC240/250, they were able to locate a used DC 252 with a Fiery X3eTY controller. It seems to be an ideal fit for my company's needs... if I can just get it working. The controller unit was missing it's hard drive, and when I was finally able to track it down, it had been formatted/wiped clean.

Since this printer has traveled through several channels before ending up with me, it's unlikely that I'll ever locate any of the OEM documentation or software. Additionally, calling in a service technician is not something I have approval for, which makes sense, since it might not a good idea to invest money into this printer until it's at least functional.

I'm at a dead end, and I'm wondering if there's any sources from which I can download a disk image of the original software?

Any help is sincerely appreciated!

10-07-2010, 04:36 PM
I think you are on to a non starter to begin with, you can't connect a bustle from a DC252 to a DC250 IOT - they are incompatible.

If you look at both the Fiery & the IOT on the serial number sticker will be a 3 digit prefix, for a DC250 this should be VGW..? on your Fiery it should either be WUP or AXA (Non Rohs or Rohs ).

If your Fiery has a prefix of ERB then it would normally be connected to an IOT with the prefix DUX for a 242/252 or DRB for a 260

A bustled DC250 has Ver 1.1 software on it - the DC252 has Ver 2.0. Also the IOT (engine) have different boards in them.

If you do find a compatible bustle you will need to contact Xerox & purchase a new set of software - if a Xerox tech reloads a bustle they would normally do it from their laptops via a crossover cable. It is possible from a USB stick but again this solution is via Xerox Field Engineering..

Good Luck..