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09-18-2010, 05:24 AM
Does anyone know where the log file for a DC250 is kept?

At work we have a problem... the log file seems to have become corrupt in some way. When opening it from within CommandWorkstation5 it shows that about 2500 lines of info are in there but then will only show about 600 of them... and when we export the file only the 600 lines are exported.

We clear down the logfile at the start of each month and so at the moment we would expect to see info from 01/09 but are only getting details of jobs printed from 11:30 on 16/09... this sort of links in with 1900 lines missing.

As I understand it the fiery controller on a DC250 runs on a Linux box on the side of the printer.

We assume that the log file is located somewhere within the Linux file system... does anyone have experience of FTPing onto a DC250 and extracting log file information.

We would assume that the log file is kept as some sort of text file on the Linux box and that corruption has crept in somewhere. When CWSTN hits the corruption (a rogue hex character) it assumes it has reached the end of the file. If we can get hold of the whole file and FTP it accross to our Windows network we will be able to fix it... we hope!

Or are we going about this in the wrong way? Can anyone help?

09-20-2010, 02:41 PM
Hi Mike,

Do you mean the Job Log ? also are we talking about the the Fiery Controller (bustled) that is a detachable box that hangs off the back of the DC250 ? or the "Green" controller that is part of the DC250 i.e where the scan cable plugs into on the actual IOT (engine) ?

The Fiery Controller runs on XPe so you could try Remote Desktop into it (sometimes that doesn't work..) or alternatively you could try Start => Run then \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\D$ (file://\\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\D$) using Administrator & Fiery.1 to log in.

If we are talking about the Job Log File when this is exported it is generally a csv file where the columns are seperated by ( I think..) a :

If you go into logs in CWS 5 & select the date 01/09 from the date icon to the present date for example can you see the job logs for this period on screen ?

The green controller is a Linux box & does contain logs which service personnel might have access to but only when directed by (normally ) Level 3 support who would supply them with a login. I don't know of any Customer information that is accessible or indeed stored on the Green Controller..

Can you give us a little more info about what you are trying to achieve..