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08-10-2010, 07:37 AM
Hello, our sales rep sold our ES-1000 and we need to use another one we have with CPS Version When we attach the other ES-1000 and start the program it tells me the dongle isn't licensed for that computer. How do I get the ES-1000 re-licensed on a different computer?

08-10-2010, 10:49 AM
hi there,

that's BAD – because the ES1000 works as a dongle :-(((.

you should try to get the ES1000 that was licenced for CPS back again.

if you are not able to do so – EFI will charge an enourmous amount of money – you can check your pricing options at https://estore.efi.com/shop/default.aspx



EDIT please note – not every ES1000 will work with CPS – it needs to have the CPS option enabled – this means the ES1000 that's gone was "blessed". are you sure that the other ES1000 was originally licensed for CPS?

08-17-2010, 04:47 PM
The ES-1000 you sold was in fact the license for CPS. Anyone else can now acquire the CPS software, plug in that ES-1000, download the license from EFI, and have a fully functional CPS.

You are stuck without it.

The reason expensive software is controlled by a hardware dongle is to make software into a physical thing that you must care for and show possession of. It also eases the burden of filing an insurance claim in the case of theft or damage. The dongle turns software into something just like other physical item in your shop--if you lose it, you must re-acquire it by whatever methods are available to you. Buy it new, buy it used, whatever.

So, you sold your CPS. You must buy another license to use CPS. You'll create that license by using your other ES-1000 serial number, and that license will allow you to operate your software as long as that ES-1000 is attached.

If you lose your other ES-1000, or sell it, you'll be back right here all over again.

Moral of the story: don't sell something you don't want to sell. If you'd sold a Mac that you later decided you wanted to use, what would you do? Same thing with your ES-1000 and CPS.

08-18-2010, 05:19 AM
In order to licence CPS try going to this site https://activation.efi.com/fulfillment/cps/ & entering the 6 digit code of your "other" ES1000 & submit that - if it is licenced for CPS it will come back & advise you of that - it will then prompt you to generate a licence & where you would like it save / email it. Assuming you have downloaded it - put it on your desktop( when you start CPS that is where it looks for the licence - you might have to add .lic on the end of the filename ) also make sure the ES1000 is connected & has loaded its I-one driver. Restart CPS it should load.

If on the other hand it does not come back that it is licenced for CPS - have a rummage in your software for the machine (Color Profiler comes in its own little box- might be in there) & look for an 8.5 x 11 piece of card with an EAC code on it.

It should look something like EA-XXXXXXXXXXXX-XX - if you were provided with this card ( that is how they were first licenced in the old days.. don't be too surprised if you don't have one) add this code onto the above page that will then prompt you for the 6 digit number of the "Other" ES1000 - this will then "marry" your software / spectrophotometer, you can then generate & download.

If the you are unable to do any off the above - I would start making the Sales Rep who "sold" your one, life very uncomfortable.

As an aside, as I am really curious, if you bought Color Profiler with an ES1000 - why would you let a Sales Rep sell it on...

08-18-2010, 06:35 AM

Some good discussion here, and you are all correct. The fact is, the CPS software is licensed to an ES-1000, which is treated as a hard key/dongle. Without the ES-1000, you can run the CPS software in demo mode, but you will not be able to run in full mode.

I gather when you say "your sales rep", you are a Fiery reseller / dealer. And if your sales rep sold the ES-1000 to a Fiery customer, they now also have the license to run CPS. Hopefully the sales rep sold it at an appropriate price.

To get a new CPS license, for what I assume is your demo room or support lab, this can be ordered from EFI. You may order CPS as "software only", and you will receive a new license key you can activate to your remaining ES-1000. Please note that once you license CPS to that ES-1000, it is permanent, and the license may not be transfered to a new ES-1000.

The other option you have is, if the sales rep sold it as a ES-1000 only by mistake, without the CPS software, you can make a service call to the customer, alert them of the problem, and swap out the reamining ES-1000 with the one the sales rep sold. Once you have the CPS licensed ES-1000, you can retrieve the license exactly as Thistle described above.

One last thing is you are running an outdated version of CPS. ( The upgrade to CPS 3.0 is something you should check out. Some great new features, in addition to a tighter integration with Fiery. http://efi.com/cps/default.aspx Again, a demo version can be downloaded from EFI.com, and you can test out the functionality, but you will need a proper license to run the software in full mode.


Gary Smith