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07-16-2010, 07:48 AM
We just got a new Konica Minolta C220 with Fiery E10 50-45C-KM, Server name: E10-25A0. Since setting everything up I have noticed a noticable slowness with the Mac OS X print dialog window on our computers which run Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. So far I have tried on two OS X 10.5.8 PPC machines (1.0 and 1.6GHz) and four 10.4.11 (450MHz to 1.8Ghz) machines.

The exception to the slowness is on our two Intel based Macs, iMac 2.6Ghz and Mac Pro, 2.6Ghz. Those don't show any slowness in print dialog windows with the Fiery.

We have a mixture of 9 or 10 printers and I have never this with any of them...HP, Xerox, Brother, Epson.

For example, when printing from an application, it normally takes a few seconds to choose/switch between printers. But now whenever I switch to/choose the Fiery driver, we get a spinning beach ball for a good 10 seconds.

Then it takes a good 10 seconds for the Print Dialog window to open and it is slow to navigate the different print settings for the Fiery.

Things I have tried:

1) On OS X 10.4 and 10.5 there is you can "Rest the Printing System" which deletes all your printers and you can re-add them.

2) Adding the Fiery as a printer on the Macs via: Internet Printing Protocol, LPR, AppleTalk.

The driver I am using is: Fiery E10 50-45C-KM PS1.1

Our network is 10/100. And our old Toshiba copier that got taken away yesterday didn't have this problem.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Is it a PowerPC problem? Must we be using Intel Macs?

P.S. Some other posts on the Internet I ran across by users with the same problem were these (below).


We have two G5 double 1.8GHz ppc processor macs, running system 10.4.11 and Adobe CS3-package.

When printing from these computers to our EFI Fiery rips, v. pro80 s450, the communication is unbearably slow.

Unfortunately, like with all printers when printing from Acrobat, one must first enter "Page Setup" Diaolog--which uses appr. 20-30 seconds--to enter correct page size and printer.

That done, one must enter the print dialog, which would use another 20-30 seconds to choose the right printer, and maybe the same to get access to the printersí settings.

The slow speed seems to be just as slow when using appletalk, smb or ip-printing.

It seems to be be partly an issue about the level of the Fiery Rip, since the older rips we have used arenít that slow. But I guess this might also be something about ppc vs intel? Is there anything we can do?

G5 G5 double 1.8GHz ppc 3.75 GB SDRAM Mac OS X (10.4.11)

I just installed a new printer driver and setup the printer from within System Preferences. The printer is a Konica Minolta C552. Since installing this driver and setting it up I've been experiencing dramatic slowness with the print dialog sheet. For example, when printing from Safari, without the new printer installed the print sheet would show up in approx 5 seconds after pressing command+p. On subsequent invocations I was averaging approx 2 seconds. Ever since this new printer has been installed It's been taking, on average, 20 seconds for the sheet to initially show up, and about 14 seconds for further printing.

I've used Activity Monitor to see if there might be a cpu spike and see that Safari spikes up to 90% CPU Utilization. Occasionally it will also become unresponsive.

07-16-2010, 09:12 AM
John A,

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