View Full Version : colours changing

06-16-2010, 12:59 AM
When we print from InDesign to our Infotech 4045 printer with Fiery the colours are coming out much darker than on screen.

We don't know how to change settings in the Fiery. Also is there a printer profile available? We have one that we use when printing to our Epson R300.

Sorry for not knowing anything about how to use the fiery settings but even the company that supplied it can not tell us how to use it.

11-05-2010, 06:33 AM
I'm facing the same problem on our Xerox DC250 / DC252 printers. It may sound stupid but it looks to me that there are some kind of "magic settings" insinde the Fiery which cause this behaviour.

It would be great if the Fiery controllers will be able to produce results which are somehow compareable to those produced with cheap SOHO printers at the first shot.

I know that color management is a complex topic and you can't get a fire-and-forget solution but I'm feeling quite confused when I see how other manufactures solve this (on different kind of printer hardware). If I take a regular PostScript inkjet printer, for example, I also have those options about ICC simulation and input profiles and even without touching those settings, the results are a perfect match on almost every type of print.

When using a Fiery controller, I always have to do several test prints, altering GCR handling, input profiles, brightness (!) and application color management to get an somehow acceptable quality (not to mention that this is still far away from what I see on my calibrated display) :confused: