View Full Version : Profiling KM IC-305 with CPS v2.2 vs CPS v3.0

05-06-2010, 02:50 PM
This customer has Color Profiler Suite 2.x and wants to make a profile for KM IC-305 v3.0 but that version of the IC-305 is not in the list of supported Fierys. KM IC-305 v2.0 is shown.

Will Color Profiler Suite 2.2 support this printer or do I need to update to Color Profiler Suite version 3.0 to support Konica Minolta IC-305 version 3.0?

There is a very big difference between saying an engine is not supported vs what is happening here where CPS v2.x doesn’t contain the engine presets.

All Fiery driven printers are supported with CPS v2.2 as well as with CPS v3.0

Because EFI makes the Fiery as well as the profiling software, we know things about the engine that can help make better profiles, such as the black setting, the max toner densities etc. So what happens when a customer selects the OEM and the engine, they are selecting these presets. When the particular OEM and engine combination are not shown then the customer just gets the generic settings for the profile. With CSP v2.2 all these presets were contained XML files that we distribute with the software. Periodically we would update the XML files to support newer shipping Fiery servers. All that this means is that the KM IC-305 v3.0 shipped after the latest version of CPS. As you can imagine, timing was always an issue and we couldn’t guarantee the presets were available with the engine launch.

With CPS 3.0 we have eliminated the need for the presets inside the XML files because now CPS can connect directly to a Fiery server and extract the required presets from the installed factory default profiles on the Fiery. This has two huge benefits. Firstly there is no delay between when a shipping Fiery driven printer can support the optimal presets, and secondly there is no error in guessing what printer you have, CPS will connect to the Fiery and automatically detect the printer. Of course, in both instances, the customer has the ability to change any presets they wish.