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04-19-2010, 03:00 AM
The customer print with Autocad 2010 on Fiery E5100 (test with other Fiery E8100, E900), the printing don't show all traces merging.
Test with PCL6 on Fiery, same problems, with other contoler it's OK on PCL6 but no on PS.
Thanks for your reply.

04-22-2010, 12:18 PM
First, let me make sure I understand the issue correctly.

Using the Postscript drivers, the output is bad on E-5100, E-8100, and C900 Fierys.
Using the PCL6 driver, the output is bad on the E-5100.
Using the PCL6 drivers, the output is good on the E-8100 and C900.

Any driver fixes will ultimately be distributed by Ricoh so I strongly recommend escalating this issue up through Ricoh Support.

However, the difference in the PCL driver behavior between the products concerns me and I would like to flag that as quickly as possible. If you can do a print-to-file using the different drivers (E-5100, E-8100, and C900; both PS and PCL6) that will be most appreciated. Feel free to private message me rather than posting anything in the forum