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04-12-2010, 12:23 PM
Platform: iMac 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.
Operating System: Mac OS 10.4.11

Problem: The company I work for had an installed base consisting of a Konica CF8050 and a Konica Minolta CF5001. I do not know what the previous systems operator did but apparently they stopped working. Mechanically they work, but we can not print or send anything to them, although you can print the test pages and print logs from the server control panel. The proprietor was forced to upgrade to new Oce CS 650 (which internally are the same as Konica Minolta CF series).

The old computer operator has since left, and I am now tasked with getting the older KM CFs back in shape. I have reinstalled the EFI Fiery X3e 50C-K User Software. I have used the control panel to setup the Fiery server. I have installed all of the user software/printer drivers, and I can even see the printer in the Print & Fax control panel. I can even ping the print server, but I can not print to it.

Question: What I am overlooking? What am I doing wrong?

04-12-2010, 01:00 PM
I am not sure I understand the situation there.
Are you saying you have Fierys driving both older KM CF5001/8050's and Oce equivalent CS 650's and that none of them work when network print jobs are sent? Or that only the older KM units can't print?
Do you have Windows PC's that can print to them still? (is this only a Mac-side issue?)
What Fiery contoller model(s) dirve these KM and Oce engines? There were two "embedded" models, an X3e and a X3eTY2. And, there were S-300 and S-450 external models as well.

Do you know what system software versions the Fiery(s) is running?

From info you have provided I think you need to obtain the Intel Mac compatible print driver from you local KM dealer and use it to set up you Intel Mac clients for Fiery printing. You should also be able to get it at:


All the Fierys I mentioned above shipped with older Mac printer driver installers that did not support Intel-based Macs. EFI had to post-release through KM, drivers compatible with Intel Macs.