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03-22-2010, 11:27 AM
hello there, i have a xerox dc250 with efi fiery color server and x-rite i1pro for profiling. i think i know the theory of colour management quite well, so i know when and where i need to turn a function (like colour management) off and on, but i often do not know how because i don't know how a printer driver really works etc.
now i am profiling a xerox dc250 with fiery color server and colorwise pro tools. i have no problems with settings for ordinary print jobs, but there is one point which i am not quite sure about when creating an output profile. here is how i'd proceed:

- i open the i1match software for profiling, select the printer xerox dc250 ps, which is recognised as cmyk type. now, before i print the targets, i need to do some setings in the colorwise expert colour dialog, right? here i do it in the cmyk path: i set cmyk simulation to "none" but then there is the last thing to be set - an output profile. from the expert color dialog structure it seems like an output profile has always to be selected. well, that's weird because i am right now trying to create a new profile and i need to know how the printer prints by itself, not with some other profiles.

so, the question is: is the colour management set fully off just by choosing "none" in the cmyk simulation, i. e. does this selection bypass the rest of the path including the output profile part? or what settings should i use when creating new profiles?

thanks for your advices.

03-26-2010, 01:01 AM
Selecting "none" as cmyk simulation will disable color management on Fiery (for CMYK data). Doesn't matter what output profile is selected.
For color management to take place, you need 2 color profiles (one as source and one as destination).