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03-17-2010, 03:28 PM
Hello All

We are having a registration issue (front to back). We use the DC700 interface to get front/back registration perfect, then begin to print a job with crops. The first sets are usually OK, and then perhaps 500 sheets of printing later, they are off by over 1/8". The result is unsellable product.

The question is whether or not something in CWS 5 could control this and/or contribute to this change throughout the job.

If not, are others finding that their DC700s will not stay in alignment?


Ben Z

03-18-2010, 04:19 PM
Hi Ben,

Has this happened since the upgrade to V1.5 (IOT 3.0) ?? also what trays do you have? do you have the two High Capacity Feeders attached or only the internal trays?

Things to bear in mind - the front to back registration on a DC700 is quite tight ( 1.0mm ) but it also requires the engine (IOT) to be setup as spot on as can be achieved - again this is done by your Xerox tech as ALL trays have to be setup in the machines NVM (Non volatile memory). This is really timeconsuming because the registration has to be checked for differing paper sizes & weights for all the trays - this would also include the paper buckle adj & the side shift. We call it "baseline" over here & it can take hours...

I had a very similar issue with one of my customers in London - which turned out to be 3 different issues - but each one affected the other & so excerbated the real issue. I'll go through what we did to resolve it.

I will make some assumptions - that the fast / slow scan magnification has been checked & is as close to 100% as possible - you have the two High Capacity Trays fitted ( trays 6+7 ).

First make sure that all the trays have their profiles set to default. Next as you know you check / adjust the registration in tools > maintenance > paper tray registration, with SRA3 120 GSM uncoated loaded in tray 6 try a test print from the registration tool. The DC700 registers to the centre of the page so for side 1 (indicated by a double stripe on the LE ) you should be able to measure from the edge of the stock to the first line (10mm) all the way around. Assuming the paper is square if correctly registered you should have a nice line 10mm in from the edge of the stock all the way around.
Now repeat on a duplex print - again use a rule to measure from the edge of the stock to the line 10 mm in. If correctly registered on both sides - you can now try looking "through" the page for the front to back registration - it should be very close.

Assuming that to be satisfactory - goto the Fiery & in Server > Tray Align select Tray 6 & " Check Alignment" you will now get a Fiery Tray alignment Test Page out with an "A" "B" "C" measurements on it. The trick is to fold the stock in half on both axis & then read off the fold marks in the scales & input these into the A B C boxes sides 1 & 2 on the Fiery, in practise it is easier said than done. However in my case with the IOT setup correctly I found that defaulting all the values to 25 when I tried a duplex alignment test page it was pretty much "bang on". If you do need to adj any of the values - make sure you apply the change - you should see the a brief action in the processing part of the Fiery as the new values are written.

If these values are changed you might want to consider checking the tray alignment check box in the media tab of job properties.

Finally if the Fiery has been upgraded to V 1.5 then the print driver will need to be changed on the client workstation - I can't remember if you are printing from a MAC or PC? If it is a PC the issue we found was that trying to load the V 1.5 driver on top of already installed V 1.0 corrupted the driver & we subsequently found that when jobs were windows printed to the Fiery my customer was unable to move the 2nd side image shift ( hence excerbating the issue). We needed to use the Fiery Print Driver removal tool which is on the User Software Disk - install it & then run - & then down load the new driver from the Fiery & install, the 2nd side image shift now works.

I don't know whether there is a similar tool for the MAC perhaps one of the Moderators can shine a light on that..

If you are still awake at the end this... give it a try & let me know how you get on..



03-22-2010, 09:01 AM
I have printed this out, and will present it to my techs. I have been waiting 2 weeks for them to come and upgrade the Fiery to 1.5 - so I must hassle them again.

There is an uninteresting story about this machine (DC700). In short, the install took 6 months. No tray / registration alignment by techs has ever been done. I will try to get them to spend the time after the 1.5 upgrade.

Ben Z