View Full Version : Splash 3.1.3 Hot Folders

03-03-2010, 09:04 PM
I'm having problems with the hot folders on the Splash RPX-iii v3.1.3 (Integrated Fiery v1.5, Xerox 700DCP).
The hotfolders are accessed from a Mac running MacOSX 10.5.
Some hot folders work, and some do not.
When a hot folder doesn't work, the file (a PDF) is transfered to the folder on the Splash, and it just sits there. No error is produced, and successive reboots do not get the file to be submitted to the queue on the Splash.
Other hot folders do work correctly and continue to do so while any hot folder that doesn't work remains not working.
The same file dropped into another (working) hot folder works properly.
There appears to be nothing in the non-working hot folders that can account for the problem, one hot folder that does not work is set up to duplex the file on SRA3, 128gsm gloss. No finishing or anything special, no image adjustments other than default settings.

03-30-2010, 02:40 PM
There are a few ways I can think of that could happen

- Splash cannot get read permission for the file
- the file never finishes copying, or at least the server thinks it never finished
- there is some odd problem with the name of the Hot Folder that is confusing the server

The server has very sophisticated code to try to get around these, but that's not to say they could not get fooled.

To check which it is, when a file gets stuck in the hot folder, go to the Hot Folder in the Finder, select the job, and select Get Info. If the owner is Nobody, or if the file has No Access as the permissions for Owner, Group, or Everyone, try changing it to Read and Write for Owner, Group, and Everyone. If the file is suddenly detected by the server and vanishes from the Hot Folder, that's the problem, and we then have to figure out how it got that way.

If that's not it, check the name of the Hot Folder and make sure it contains only Roman alpha-numeric characters. Remove spaces, :, ", and special characters like cildes and umlauts.

If that's not it, it's probably the copying problem. If you restart the Splash Server Mac and relaunch the server and the job is suddenly processed, that's it.