View Full Version : Splash 3.1.3 Imposition Problem

03-03-2010, 08:58 PM
Is there any way to get 21 90mm x 55mm business cards, with 2mm bleed (so the image being imposed is 94mm x 59mm) imposed onto an SRA3 sheet if you add trims through the Splash imposition?
I can get 8 up on SRA3, but if I force any more the business cards are shifted or overlap each other and are cropped.

Splash RPX-iii v3.1.3
Integrated I700 v1.5
Xerox 700DCP

03-30-2010, 02:39 PM
Try defining a custom page size which is 90 x 59 mm LEF (wider than that is long), then use Force Page Size to set the job to the 90 x 59 mm LEF page size, then define your imposition controls. You may have to experiment with bleed and crop mark sizes to get exactly the output you want.

By default for many imposition jobs, Splash detects the document size as being taller than it is wide (in this case 59 x 90 mm) and that can change the number of copies that can be fit on the page. Defining the LEF paper size is the best workaround.