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01-25-2010, 09:56 AM
Hi everyone

Recently my company purchased a Konika/Minolta 551 printer (although it is badged as an olivetti).

We are in the business of digital pen and paper - I imagine not many people will be familiar with this technology but to sum it up: a very fine dot pattern is printed on the paper - which would typically be some sort of form - which the digital pen then reads and uses this pattern to locate its co-ordinates on the paper (and in turn record handwriting). More info here if needed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_paper and www.anoto.com

When we first got the printer the Fiery had not been installed as we had to wait on a cable to connect the printer and fiery together - before installing the fiery we used the printers standard drivers the print quality was great.

After installing the Fiery the dot pattern comes out significantly darker - too dark for the prints to be sent out to clients.

I have tried mostof if not all the profiles, lightness settings and colorwise pro tools but I cannot get the pattern to print any lighter - I can get the rest of the form to print lighter but the pattern itself always seems to print the same color.

When using colorwise pro I can get it so all the black levels apart from 100 come out very faint, but I cannot get the black 100 to a lighter level...

does anyone have any idea how I can get the document to print with the pattern lighter?

It may be worth mentioning in adobe acrobat professional advanced print setup > Ink manager there are 5 colours in the list - the standard 4: process cyan, magenta, yellow and black as well as "anoto pattern" - could this have something to do with it? There are a number of options I can change in the ink manager - frequency lpi, angle, type, neutral density, and trapping sequence - I have tried changing these settings but have seen no noticable results.

If you need any screenshots/further information let me know and i'll get them.

Any help would be greatly appriciated!

Kind Regards


01-25-2010, 05:51 PM
Hi John,

First I would suggest you preflight the job to see exactly what is coming into the Fiery. This will help determine how the Anoto plate is being described.

I am guessing that this plate is coming in as a Spot color and as this is not defined in Spot-On, it is taking the define alternate color, which may or may not be set to 100% black. You could go ahead and create a custom Spot Color in Spot-On called Anoto, or whatever the Pre-flight shows it to be. You can then map that custom color to be something other than 100% black, perhaps just 80% black.

Alternatively in the Color Tab you can try checking the option "Composite Overprint' This will merge the layers of the document and not treat the Anoto layer as a standalone layer and your black settings will change this also.

Also in the Advanced Settings of the Color Tab you can go and set Pure Black to "Normal"


01-26-2010, 05:13 AM
Hi Sharon

Thanks for your comments

The preflight shows the pattern is being printed as a separate plate named "AnotoPattern"

I created a new color with the name in Spot-On and set the black value to 80,60 etc - the pattern then prints lighter but there is a slight problem - for some reason it doesnt quite print the pattern the same and is missing out a few dots from the pattern - to the ***** eye you couldnt tell the difference but when I magnify the pattern and compare it to a print with the full 100 black setting you can tell there is a difference and because of this the digital pen doesnt recognise the pattern properly.

I tried the composite overprint option you also suggested - using this option even with customised color profiles the pattern always prints the same darkness as it did before - even if i use the lighten option in the print dialog. I also tried converting all colors to CMYK within the adobe preflight tool but cannot seem to get the pattern lighter using that method either.

I've tried the pure black options and that doesnt seem to help...

Thanks again, if you have any other ideas please let me know