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12-03-2009, 02:25 AM
I am a little confused. When I create a substitute colour in Output Profile 210gsm and set the CMYK values I wish to be substitutued to, I notice that if I then open a different Output Profile the substitute colour has also been created in that profile but with different CMYK values to substitute to.

Why would this be?

Many thanks


12-03-2009, 12:54 PM
Within Fiery Spot-On, original colors are traditionally stored in their Lab color space - a device independent color space. That way, whenever a new output profile is created, the spot colors are then uniquely mapped most accurately to the output profile. Each and every time a new profile is created, a new calculation to map the Lab values to the output profile is performed.

When you create custom colors in Spot-On you are stating the original color (i.e. in CMYK or RGB) and then what CMYK value you wish to map to for a given output profile. For all other output profiles Spot-On will identify the Lab value of the requested CMYK value and then uniquely map it into the output space of all the other profiles with the intention that the particular color being mapped will have the same appearance for all output profiles.

Due to the differences in paper thinkness, color, coating, etc, the same CMYK values printed to different output profiles will not look the same, so we are modifiying each of the CMYK values so that the color will look the same.

12-31-2009, 03:58 PM
Playing around wit the spot colors and output profiles today, I see how the CMYK values for a single spot color are different depending on the Output Profile. Said differently, 144UP will have different CMYK values in Fiery Coated 210 than it will in Fiery Coated 140.
Where I've been stumped is with the output profiles that I am able to rename and customize (as opposed to those that came from Fiery and are locked). It seems that these customizable profiles aren't predetermined to be associated with a particular weight or type of paper. And I've often changed their name to reflect the exact weight and paper type of the calibrated paper that I have associated with the output profile.
So I'm curious as to how CMYK values are assigned to the spot colors associated with the custom, unlocked output profiles. I went through all of mine and found that two of them had CMYK values that were the same as the Fiery Coated 210 values. One of them was the same as the Fiery Coated 140 values. And two of them had CMYK values that were completely different than any of the CMYK values found in the locked Fiery output profiles.