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10-27-2009, 02:56 PM

The customer has bought recently a Xerox WC7428 (non PS ROM) and a EFI Fiery controller.

They are running Mac OSX 10.5.5. at the server (intel) and mixed intel/powerpc clients at 10.4

Fiery driver was installed at the clients from the Fiery web interface at every Mac

All Adobe applications are printing fine but applications other then Adobe (like the Office 2008 for Mac suite) won't print.

The error is

Offending command 1,00

- mark
- /XJXSetEFScale
- mark

When I configure the EFI bonjour version of the printer with the generic apple postscript driver (instead of the efi supplied ppd) all prints fine but ofcourse with limited driver functions (like input tray addressing)

Since the WC7428 is a Non-PS Rom machine at the customer, it has no use in installing the Xerox WC7428 Mac driver (non Fiery) and print directly to the WC7428-> font not found errors/files won't print
(although I do not understand why the apple generic postscript driver works on a Non PS ROM?!?)<- some kind of pcl emulation?

- I did ran an full update ( 20-10-2009) via the embedded fiery XP and installed the Fiery Mac driver again on a Mac client -> no result

- WC7428 has the latest FW.

- Fiery/Xerox setup is a direct network connection (with the switch) because of scan to smb

- On an lonely Windows XP PC at the customer all applications print fine via the Fiery

Does anyone has a solution for this?


Martijn Sprengers
The Netherlands

03-31-2010, 08:13 AM
Dear Martijn,

Please google for Office 2008 print crash, this issue should not be Fiery specific.

What I noticed is that by saving office documents in a previous version (.doc instead of docx...), I would not crash anymore when printing to my desktop printer (not a Fiery).

Hope this helps,