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10-20-2009, 12:30 AM
I have a Xerox Digital Color Press 700 with an Embedded Fiery (System 8, Release 2) including all current patches.

I created a test sheet showing all basic colors (CMY, RGB) as well as black (different compositions).

ColorsTwoPercent.pdf (http://ugotfile.com/file/504088/ColorsTwoPercent.pdf), verify the Captcha code and click Free Download

When I calibrate the printer with Fiery's ES-1000 and then print the test sheet, you can see that Yellow is visible only at 6% toner density and above while Cyan and Magenta are already visible at 2%. Below 6% you just see the paper White.

I re-calibrated for different papers; always having the same result. If you print little Yellow it is not printed -- or let's better say not calculated by the Fiery.

My vendor and dealer made some experiments: the same test was repeated on

another Xerox Digital Color Press 700 with exactly the same type of Embedded Fiery and software release
a Xerox DocuColor 242 with the same type of Embedded Fiery and the same software release
another Xerox Digital Color Press 700 with an external RIP Xerox FreeFlow Print Server Release 6.0 SP-2

Result: The Embedded Fiery for the Xerox 700 calculates too little Yellow below a defined value of 6% toner density while all other tested RIPs do fine.

We believe that the Embedded Fiery for the Xerox Digital Color Press 700 works different to those from the younger DocuColor 242/252/260 Fierys. We also copied the output paper profiles from the DocuColor Fiery to the 700 Fiery to detect broken profiles... but obviously they all are fine because the 700 Fiery produces the same error with the DocuColor profiles.

@EFI: We believe that your 700 Fiery is buggy. Xerox may have already reported to you but EFI didn't provide a real solution for the bug until now. I just have some tips for workarounds.

@Forum: Has anyone else difficulties with that and can handle it?

11-03-2009, 04:08 PM

First, thank you for your business.

I just want to confirm what you are saying, so I understand it correctly. You have a DP700 with an embedded controller. No mater what you do, the yellow does not print at 6% or lower. (Magenta, Cyan and Black are visible down to 2%) You run similar tests on embedded Fierys to the other Xerox printers you mention, and you are seeing yellow in 2%, as you would expect on the 700. You run a test on the same 700 with an external server, and you get yellow in 2%, as you are seeing on the other Xerox printers with embedded servers.

You also mention that "EFI did not provide a real solution to the bug until now" Are you saying you have work arounds to print yellow beneath a 6% tint. Can you clarify what work arounds you are doing.

Sorry to answer your post with additional questions, I just want to confirm I understand the behavior you are reporting.

Thank you,


11-04-2009, 01:51 PM
Yes, you understood correctly.

The workaround is to use a user defined TRC (tone reproduction curve) on the output color profile where Yellow is added below 6%.

11-06-2009, 11:49 AM

Thanks for the additional information. We attempted to reproduce what you are reporting, and are seeing different behavior. After calibrating with ES-1000, we output the Fiery comparison page on the Xerox 700 print device. We ran the tests using both the embedded and external servers, and we are seeing yellow in the 2% ramp using output from both Fiery products. We are using identical settings in both cases they are the default.

Output profile = 90gsm
CMYK SIM Profile = ISO Coated
Method = Full (Output GCR)
Press = Euroscale

We also ran identical tests on the DocuColor 260 in our lab, and got similar results to what we were seeing on the 700. If there is anything else we should be looking at which would reflect your settings / environment, let me know, and we will try to help you out.

Thanks again,