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10-12-2009, 02:01 AM

I received a PDF file from a customer with RGB, LAB and CMYK images all the Images have a tagged profiles and all the profiles are different. (RGB: Adobe RGB, ECI-RGB and MY RGB profile. CMYK: ISO coated FOGRA 27 and MY CMYK profile) It is the same image so there must be a visual match after printing the file.

How do I set my color settings in the Fiery so all the images are visualaly the same.

I have an IC-303 with system 8 release 2 and a Konica Minolta C6500.

Thanks in advance.


10-12-2009, 10:00 AM
Hello Hans,
This doesn't really seem like a realistic job that a customer would produce. If it is then i'd suggest the customer look towards standardizing his workflow to make life easier.

With regard to the specific question; by default your CMYK embedded profiles are honored. The CMYK Simulation setting in Expert Color Settings is meant for those objects in the device color space (not tagged/embedded with a profile). To honor embedded RGB profiles you need to set the RGB source profile to None.

Also ensure that you dont choose the option to separate RGB to source CMYK profiles.

If the image don't come out all the same then I would do a post-flight to ensure that the colors that you are thinking are in the document, i.e EGB, Lab, CMYK, are actually in the document. Also, it sounds as if there was one single image that was converted into the Lab, RGB and CMYK color spaces. You may need to check that this was actually performed using the profiles embedded in the document.


10-13-2009, 06:14 AM
Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your answer, it helped me a lot.

This is a file from a prospect who wants to know the color management capabilities of the RIP we offer to him. So this is a file which does this.

Kind regards,