View Full Version : Imposition produces color pages only

09-17-2009, 12:03 AM
I have a mixed PDF document (color and grayscale pages). You can check this easily with Adobe Acrobat Preflight (detect pages that produce (spot-) color separations).

When I print it as a staple color and gray pages are recognized and printed correctly by the Fiery controller.

When using the "Gang-up Print" option ("Step & repeat") in Fiery's printer driver everything is recognized as color pages by the Fiery controller -> printing costs explode.

When using EFI Impose this is the same -> Fiery recognizes all pages as color. When I export the imposed document as a PDF file and use the same Adobe Acrobat Preflight check as in the original document really all pages are detected as color because of a XObject Form object that is applied to every page after imposition... even on pages where the whole rest is grascale.

Any ideas?