View Full Version : How to "use" the output profiles?

08-26-2009, 01:10 AM

The topic might sound a little bit stupid, but what's the advantage of downloading and using the Fiery's output profile?

My Xerox DC250's factory defaults are ISO coated (complete; output gcr) as CMYK simulation profile and Fiery RGB (presentation) as RGB input profile. As far as I understood the color workflow correctly, the Fiery "assumes" that DeviceCMYK/DeviceRGB colors are setup using those profiles, right?

Then there is an output profile (Fiery DC250 Colotech 90gsm v2F in my case) which describes the color space of my printer.

Now my understanding is that you should be able to "preview" the output (in Acrobat, for example) using the output profile, shouldn't you?

So if I've got a well calibrated monitor and setup my application/document to use ISO coated as CMYK workspace then the output preview using the above output profile (...v2F) would reflect what colors I can expect, wouldn't it?