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08-12-2009, 01:31 PM
Does Fiery System 8e Revision 2 fully support native transparency in PDF 1.7? i.e. does it use Adobe PDF Print Engine 2?

04-15-2010, 04:15 AM
Well it look like no one know answered this since october...! I'd really be interested what the fiery admins have to say. Purely because from a practical point of view a lot of time seems to be wasted on the printers side trying to fix transparency issues when the technology should be doing it for you.

take my example

We're running a xerox 700 with an external Fiery RIP and we're getting all kinds of issues mainly with transparencies.

A postscript file will print fine, whilst a pdf just won't. I tried all PDF versions and the PDF/x standards and I always get the same dissapointing result.

Right now I have a particular file that has a square with spot color fill on 40% opacity lying on top of a RGB picture. Every time I print it from a PDF I loose the spot color and instead it's replaced with white(it retains its transparency though). I even tried replacing the JPG with TIFF versions but to no avail.

If I print this via the postscript driver directly from InDesign everything is dandy... Trouble is this file needs to be in a printable PDF format on the hardrive so that internal clients can pick it up.

And yes overprint fixes the transparencies but it also throws out other colors, you can't be seriously considering it as an option.

I heard there was talk about Fiery incorporating the Adobe Print Engine, but I'd love to hear the latest developments....

04-16-2010, 01:54 PM
You're printing a document containing transparency, RGB, and spot color information through a CMYK workflow. I'm more surprised that it's working for you out of Indesign rather than the fact that it's not through Acrobat. My experience with those kinds of files has been that they don't print well on any postscript RIP.

The name of the game with these kinds of files is to minimize the amount of color conversion the RIP has to perform. Fiery, in particular, by processing RGB, CMYK, and Spot data separately (which I like, in general, since it makes sense to me to manage each kind of data differently) is probably especially susceptible. I'm curious if you'll still have problems if you run the RGB data through the CMYK simulation rather than just going direct to output.

Activating overprinting on the RIP is the typical solution for this. After all, that is what transparency with spot colors is doing. Of course, this means that you have to have all the overprint settings in the file correct. If there are objects with extraneous overprinting information (typically something that was black at some point in the design phase), you'll see some weird things happen.

That the file prints fine out of Indesign suggests that Indesign is doing some color conversion/flattening before sending the postscript. If you can get it to perform the same settings when creating PDF then you may have a solution.

Also, when printing out of Acrobat, if you can send as separations, you can combine those on the RIP and force Acrobat to deal with the PDF transparency. Similarly, you can "print as image" out of Acrobat.