View Full Version : Printing Tabs from FFMR to EX700-Job Errors!

08-11-2009, 07:21 PM
Hi...Need some help...replaced FFPS with EX700...tabs from FFMR are not printing seamlessly. When .rdo job with tabs arrives in hold queue at EX700, mixed media shows tabs...tabs are defined in Tray 5 Bypass tray with the same weight to match FFMR. Job released to print but generates an error requesting tabs in Tray 6. I can force it to print by modifying the paper settings in Mixed Media with the correct selection in Paper Catalog or just by specifying the appropriate paper size and tray. This will not be acceptable to the customer who had it seamless when printing to the FFPS. HELP!!!

08-12-2009, 07:08 AM

You haven't said what s/w levels both are on FFMR 5/6/7 ? also what version is the EX700 ( it will say on the right hand pain off Command Workstation). In Makeready go help & about I need the full number, eg
If you give me this information I should be able to give you either the good or bad news.



08-12-2009, 08:48 AM
Fiery EX version 1.0 sp1 with 1-XPS3O patch
FFMR version 6.0.3 (

It must be all good news!:)

08-12-2009, 08:50 AM
Also tested with Fiery EX700 version 1.5 with patch 1-XPS3O

08-13-2009, 04:16 PM
I am guessing your not that familiar with Freeflow Makeready ? so apologies if this comes across a little "Janet & John". First thing to check is the Production Printer settings, to get to this START => PROGRAMS => FREEFLOW SOFTWARE => PRINTER ADMINISTRATION. You should see a dialog box with all your production printers in it, find the one that is going to be the EX700 V 1.0, highlight & right click choose edit. From that dialog box look at the queue yours should say "print" or "hold", underneath the queue box you should see another where you specify which front end you are pointing to. The Choices are normally:
Docusp 5.1
FFPS 6.0

You choose the Fiery one (EX). Save your changes, you can test the printer by highlighting the printer right clicking & choosing test print.

If you open an rdo file in Makeready & select Production Print and select your EX700 the job ticket should look a little more like your Fiery Print Driver, using the IPP gateway Makeready "talks" to the Fiery & populates stocks etc.

If your EX700 has the V1.5, unfortunately you will not see the EX V1.5 IPP in the selection, this is because it is part of SP3 on Freeflow Makeready 7.0. So you would have to get the Makeready upgraded, I would engage Xerox for that as it could have ramifications for your Customers Printroom. You could try using the V1.0 gateway assuming your 700 does not have one of the new inline finishing options, e.g GBC Punch, if your 700 does have one of these then in order to access this functionality from your production print ticket you would have to upgrade.

I hope this proves helpful, if your still stuck it might be easier engaging Xerox Technical support, DC700 is a significant investment & you really should have it setup correctly.