View Full Version : Impossible to print more than 27 spot colors in one job - Xerox 700

07-17-2009, 11:45 AM
On our 700DCP we can't print jobs with more than 27 spot colors using spot-color-replacement (german: "Spotfarbenersetzung"). We have an pdf-document created with all 81 HKS-Colors in it to get an overview how this spot-colors will look on our Xerox.

The same job printed on out DC250 works fine.

So how can we print jobs with more than 27 spot colors on one page with the 700?

07-17-2009, 01:19 PM
Hi Rolf,
I am curious, is this a real user workflow in which a job has 27 Spot Colors? Or are you just printing colors to determine how they will print on your Fiery driven engine?

Well it is simple to determine how Pantone colors for example will look. Simply go to Spot-On, click on a library, such as the Pantone Coated library and choose print. You will then have the option to print all the Pantone colors from that library, either arranged as 8*8 patches or 4*8 patches.

If you are only interested in a particular set of Spot-Colors you can also create a custom group within Spot-On, copy your particular Spot colors into this group and then print that library.


Paul Franks
07-18-2009, 05:11 AM
I have seen this before when using Adobe Acrobat as Printer Driver.

Try this, From CWS Import Job... Your PDF File... into Fiery Hold Queue, then RIP and Print it will work then.

07-21-2009, 04:15 AM
Hi Paul,
I tried several ways, yours too. But after ripping the message appears, that too many spot colors are in the job. I found no way until now to print more than 27 spot colors to a page. So I splitted my reference table in small jobs ob less than 27 spot colors.
I think too thats an Acrobat-problem.
I'm wondered if I print via postscript to the printer, the problem persists. Is the EX700 internally converting all jobs to PDF?

Hi Sharon,
thanks for your tip on printing spot color samples via the spot color manager - I didn't knew this.
I tried now this feature:
8x8 produces 64 pattern on each side - great!
8x4 produces 8 !!! pattern (for times the same pattern in each row) - I think there's a bug and there should be 32 pattern on a page.
Additionally I wonder, that a print on A3-size is again only sized A4 placed in the left lower corner - should this not full filling the A3-page-size?!
How can I print this sample sheets on other custom paper (other sizes or thicker materials)? The job only shows up while printing, then it deletes itself - so I can't adjust job settings anyway.

No, we don't have such a workflow, but I'm still interested why the DC250 prints such jobs without a problem, and the 700DCP has a problem with it!?