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  1. What are the supported Browsers and Operating Systems for Navigator?
  2. Can Fiery Navigator Client be installed directly on the Fiery Server?
  3. Can you share Email Alerts and Reports with other email addresses?
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  6. Sync multiple Fierys
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  8. Adding fiery server to Fiery Navigator
  9. The counters always show zero
  10. Navigator displayed data compared to Dashboard (feature request)...
  11. Navigator counts not updated
  12. Navigator and Fiery data retention
  13. Inactive Tracking On Navigator
  14. Annual Subscription
  15. navigator does not accept default password for IC417
  16. Paper Catalogue Names between Diff Printers
  17. Connected Devices
  18. Mysterious Offline Device
  19. How can I delete inactive devices from Navigator?
  20. Login problems - Account Verification email
  21. CAPTCHA problem when creating a new account from the Fiery Navigator Client
  22. EFI Notification automatic replies
  23. Manipulating Virtual Printers
  24. statistics / weekend
  25. Log In Issue
  26. Data collection
  27. Device Offline
  28. Navigator Counts don't match what I am being billed?
  29. Daily Reports
  30. Can you Delete a Navigator Account?
  31. "The device is not supported" while registering a server
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