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  1. [FAQ] Tell me more about the Fiery Dashboard Collector.
  2. [FAQ] How do I get started with Fiery Dashboard?
  3. [FAQ] What is EFI Passport?
  4. [FAQ] Troubleshooting Fiery Dashboard.
  5. [FAQ] I already use Fiery Dashboard at www.fierydashboard.com. So what's this about?
  6. Fiery Dash Board
  7. Adding new devices in the Fiery Dashboard
  8. Privacy / collected data
  9. Job Names
  10. Downtime scheduled for weekend of September 13 2014
  11. Can't access fierydashboard
  12. For how long is my machine active printing each day?
  13. Aufheben der Autorisierung für die Datenerfassung
  14. How to deauthorize CWS/Rip in case your dashboard user id or password does not work ?
  15. Dashboard Sample and Detailed Features
  16. Authorize/Deauthorize
  17. Cant login to dashboard/cant deautorize
  18. Fiery Dashboard displays
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  20. Where is Media Usage pulled from?
  21. Dashboard problem
  22. Unable to authorise this computerd
  23. Cant Authorize
  24. EFI Passport account is locked
  25. Authorizing issue
  26. Unable to Deauthorize due to unknown Passport account