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  1. micro press questions...
  2. Where can I find documentation on MicroPress?
  3. With MicroScript, can you type in your code instead of using the GUI?
  4. Is there a training guide or manual required to use MicroScript?
  5. ¨Is Spot Color management offered in MicroPress 8.1?
  6. Does MicroPress require a Fiery controller as the print link for each print engine?
  7. Does MicroPress require a Fiery controller for each print engine?
  8. Can I print files directly to the printers by bypassing MicroPress?
  9. ¨Can customers order a CD/DVD of MicroPress 8.1?
  10. Is MicroPress available in all global regions?
  11. When will 8.1 be available for download from EFI?
  12. What is included in the "connectivity kit?Ē
  13. What is the number of engines supported by MicroPress?
  14. What file formats are compatible with the MicroPress?
  15. Can the MicroPress handle PCL files?
  16. Is the MicroPress 8.1 upgrade free of charge for existing MP7.XX customers?
  17. When upgrading from 7.X to 8.X, are job files compatible with the new version?
  18. Are there any plans to offer and upgrade from Prodigy to Plus or from Professional to
  19. Are there plans to integrate Fiery Color Profiler with MicroPress?
  20. Can a customer upgrade from MicroPress Solo to MicroPress Plus?
  21. What operating systems are supported by MicroPress?
  22. Does MicroPress support Windows 7?
  23. How do you install a MicroPress print driver on a workstation computer?
  24. How does MicroPress print a 1200 dpi document?
  25. In the print driver, there are three choices for each printer feature. OFF, ON or Use
  26. Is Page Numbering a NEW feature being added to TrueEdit?
  27. Now that 8.1 is released, do I need a new keycode?
  28. Why does MicroPress 8.1 take longer to install than any previous MicroPress version?
  29. What information does the Print Station Manager (PSM) accounting log contain?
  30. How can deleted jobs from Print Station Manager be recovered?
  31. Why does MicroPress need two network interface cards?
  32. Can additional fonts be added to the MicroPress?
  33. Is MicroPress 7.5 a 64 bit application?
  34. Can jobs be accessed remotely from MicroPress?
  35. Is it possible to configure Micropress as a simple pass through used for queuing jobs
  36. Is it possible to output to the top tray on the Canon PrintStation 0135c?
  37. Why are my 8 bit files that have been converted to 1 bit, increasing in file size?
  38. Iím getting significant pauses between sets on a Konica Minolta can this be changed?
  39. I canít get the output to go to the top tray on the Canon PrintStation 0135c?
  40. font substitution table
  41. MP-RIP is flushing some jobs
  42. MP Dongle Destroyed
  43. MicroPress 8.0.6 and Ricoh Pro C 900S no exactly grayscale printing possibel
  44. MicroPress vs 8.0
  45. Connection problems MicroPress V7.5.1.SR2 in combination with Ricoh DDP92
  46. MicroPress 7.5.x and error E315
  47. Mpress 8.1x PDF export file size
  48. Spool vs. Rip - What're the differences?
  49. Color Split with version 8.0.5
  50. What OSes will runRemote TruEdit
  51. No possibility to restore the O.S XP-64bit from the Recovery disc for PLUS Server
  52. How to set features in Hotfolder
  53. Duplex and Simplex pages in the same Doc.
  54. Office 2010 issues
  55. How to select multible features for a job
  56. Is 2 sided variable data possible?
  57. So, I've got this Fiery ...
  58. Version 7.5 and Windows 7
  59. Uninstalling TrueEdit Remote
  60. MP v8.1.1 : How to input cut marks on Business cards imposed from TrueEdit ?
  61. Looking for documentation for mac 10.6
  62. MP v8.1.1.0 : How to keep the original customized format information under PSM ?
  63. Some characters are missing on PDF files when printing directly from MP-RIP
  64. Can I change the paper size in the PSM after the document scanned by Microimager?
  65. Carbonless duplex
  66. Drag and Drop files directly into PrintStation Manager Virtual Engine queues
  67. Just a suggestion for the next patch/release ...
  68. How to troubleshoot a a job after it is built?
  69. Looking for description and function for Large Job Helper in MP r1 Page Setup
  70. Direct printouts from the MP driver.
  71. Anti-virus preconization for MP v8 (Windows XP 64bits SP2)
  72. Call trays problem
  73. Detailed Description Accounting.txt
  74. cmyk images print dark
  75. Micropress 8.2 and Ricoh 901 - Color 'Layer' issues
  76. Authentication not available to access to the gaftp site
  77. PrintStationManager Startup
  78. Likely something simple; can log into TER, but jobs don't show
  79. Information missing in PDF file after ripping
  80. Dating question
  81. Micropress 8.1.0 won't staple more than 20 sheets
  82. Print Station Restart
  83. VDP booklet printing issue
  84. Error message when launching the 'Scale & Rotate' function inside PSM
  85. Planet Press files RIP errors after one page is processed
  86. PS files coming from PlanetPress don't keep their original settings after ripping
  87. PSM from remote workstation
  88. How to reduce the toner quantity using the RIP settings ?
  89. Working with the tonecurve 'Toner Reduction'
  90. VDP Folding
  91. Possibility to resume a print cycle once the error timeout value is exceeded
  92. Remote True Edit Jobs do not show up
  93. Large Page Count Files
  94. Unarchive error
  95. Turn off simple file sharing (T.E.R. issue)
  96. Microsoft Word & GBC Punch
  97. Does MicroPress do this...
  98. MP job says "Printing" but no message, on MP, Fiery, or KM C6000?
  99. Is there any possibility to select several output trays for one job ?
  100. MicroPress v8.3 on Windows 7
  101. Can an archived file be changed?
  102. Low res images
  103. Update from MP v8.0.4.0r to MP v8.3.0.0r
  104. Cannot Print to 1 of 4 Konica Minolta 1050 machines
  105. Bad resolution on the color items inside PDF files
  106. encountered a media resource whose integer ID is not set in the media catalog
  107. Unable to access OCR function in TrueEdit
  108. Mirroring left/right numbering with TrueEdit
  109. No information inside PSM for non completely ripped PDF documents files.
  110. Is the Ricoh MPC6501 SP / MPC7501 SP compatible to be connected to a MP v8 server ?
  111. MicroPress Max 8.0 Windows Password
  112. No possibility to print in Booklet mode using BK5030 in A4R format
  113. Could Not Open Service Manager error PSServer
  114. PrintStation 0136r : Stapling suported or not when GBC punch is enabled on the job ?
  115. Abnormal Termination
  116. Punching using GBC on tab letter paper
  117. Patches
  118. Windows OS for Dell Optiplex 960
  119. MIcroPress Scale to Gray
  120. MicroPress 8.3 - Can't mergefiles with tabs in them.
  121. MP 8.3 & PrintLink 0136r (v1)/Ricoh 1357
  122. Connectivity Kit for Ricoh Pro C901 Plus
  123. Powerpress security white paper
  124. Accounting in MicroPress v8.x
  125. Reloading Print Link 0136r
  126. MP 8.3 Drivers Compatible with Windows 8?
  127. PrintLink 0136r vs Fiery EB-1357
  128. RIP spontaneously stands in offline mode during the day
  129. Disaster recovery
  130. Archive Doesn't Work
  131. Installation Error Message - Unable to Contact Sentinel Service
  132. MicroPress Job Separators
  133. Micropress 8.3 and layers
  134. LPR Printing on MicroPress 8.3
  135. Print jobs disappearing
  136. MicroPress 8.3 with Tabs not printing job ticket
  137. MicroPress 7.5 and OS X 10.9 - driver?
  138. Canon ir110 - incomplet print jobs
  139. Problem when updating MP from v8.3.0.0r to v8.3.1.0r
  140. MP Drivers for Windows 8 Surface Tablet?
  141. Micropress 8.3 XP box upgrade to Win 7 box
  142. %ip_MP-RIP01%.0136r (huh?)
  143. MicroPress Print Drivers
  144. Problem with printing complete jobs after paper jam or out of paper Micropress 8.3.0
  145. PSM 8.3.1, Build 1542 - Tab Build Problems
  146. How to set rip and hold on Version 7.5
  147. Blank pages in print job and MPCONFIG not working
  148. 32bit clients on a Windows 7 64bit Micropress server
  149. Blank pages in print job and MPCONFIG not working
  150. Large files crash Micropress intermittently
  151. PowerPress security White paper
  152. How do you get a multi-copy single page job to stack straight?
  153. No threads about the end of Micropress support?
  154. Intermittent Blank Sheets when printing
  155. what is needed to upgrade from version 7 XP machine to windows 7 version 8.3?
  156. True Edit remote - Files staying locked after editing
  157. Windows 10 Drivers
  158. need sample .msm file please
  159. Lost of the MP 8 system software